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Sorry ... (S. Italy x Reader)
    From the start (y/n) had like Romano, ever since the first day of school since kinder
until now, she really had like him even though she knows that Romano likes someone else but she kept it to herself. She only watches him from afar, even though their in the same class, they only talk when it was necessary. Until one day,she saw him being sad when he was looking the girl he likes. She slow walks towards him and says "boo" so loud at first he got mad but when seeing (y/n) laughs he laughs too. " Maybe ... I should try to be close to him" this was (y/n) thinking.
    Little by little (y/n) and Romano became friends, since being close together they ended up being couples but then (y/n) could still feel something is wrong and she wonders why? (y/n) is always satisfied when ever Romano shows his calm smile to her, or whenever they walk home together or when they in a date. (Y/n) couldn't help squealing when she got in her room because Romano had kissed her on the che
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Hurtful (America x Reader )
"It really hurts when she wasn't talking to me." Alfred complained to his friend/brother Arthur the young man just listen to him talking about his wife, well he cant do anything to save them their marriage is falling apart, ever since (y/n) had her miscarriage thrice. Devastated as Alfred looks but (y/n) probably lost all the hopes, dreams, happiness and everything. That is what Arthur can think for now.
" Let her heal her wounds, Alfred. It must be, no it is really hard for her to forget it." Arthur said.
"But its already a year since her last ! Cant we just move on!" Alfred almost screamed pointing out the tint of hopelessness and desperation in his voice.
"Cant we just start all over again and be happy again. I know it really hurts but she was not the only who loose the baby, I did too, Im the father ... but It really hurts that she cant even lean on me in her downs nor let me comfort her." saying this while he was controlling his self not to broke down and cry.
" I feel like Im so
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The Things He Will Never Know pt4 (DenmarkxReader)
    It was an unusual day for the Nordic to see Matthias to be the king of silence for the past few days and its killing them. They rather have this noisy Matthias than a silent. When ever they ask him whats the problem he just shrug and says nothing.
    But when Lukas played the song " why dont you love me " Matthias begun to cry. That shocked them the most.
    " Damn that song, its adding more pain to my broken heart." Matthias said
between his sobs.For now all they can do for him is to cheer him up but still for some reason Emil keeps on playing the song and it keeps Matthias from crying all his pain out
gaining Emil some scolding from the rest of the group.
    " Let him release all his miseries, its better than keeping it all for himself." Emil defended himself.
     He got the point all Matthias need is to let go all the pain he has. like they said real boys cry, there is nothing wrong for him to cry. He is in pain, all he
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The Things he will never know pt3 ( Denmarkxreader
It been days since you and Antonio became best of friends which also includes Gilbert and Francis, too much for the stress for Arthur to handle when he learn about you
being friends with his froggy best friendnemy. Well let him handle it whether
he like it or not or something like that your friends with Francis. And so too much
for Matthias to handle that your so sweetly close to Antonio while he was constantly
flying off here and there.
    Matthias can boil his blood as much as he could but your too close to Antonio now. He even spy on you two and where ever you go he was there, he was much like Natasia now, the only difference is your not his sister. " Why? Why? she was so close to him While me, she keeps on avoiding me and pushing me away." Matthias ask himself. He knows he is so jealous Of the man who was with her and its hurts him so much to the point that his heart is gonna tear apart.
    He made a lot of effort of making you notice him and like the alw
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The Things He Will Never Know pt2 (DenmarkxReader)
It is a very nice day, a blue sky with a few scattered fluffy clouds. just a perfect day to think about the good things that day, the day (y/n) met new friends. And also we hope that not a single dark clouds will lurk around now because we all know the very reason. Well once again Matthias tries to flirt again with (y/n) and he went blasting off again somewhere.
" That Bloody twerp again when will he stop lurking around me and tries to flirting!?" (y/n) said in annoyed manner.
" If you just tell him in a nice way that you don't like him, maybe he will stop instead of sending off to the sky." Arthur answered for her.
" If that was so easy I have done it the long time! But every time I see him my blood boils." ( Y/n) told Arthur while she was choking him to death.
" You know killing me won't stop him from flirting with you!!!!!!!!" Arthur said while praying for his life.
And so you let him go, well he got a point anyway even if (y/n) will turn her brothers into her personalized punch
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 12 10
The Things He Will Never Know pt1(DenmarkxReader)
(reader's POV)
There was a time That only I can remember because Its my memory and no one else, I used to be a little boyish back then yeah because I grew up in a male dominated family. Ugh how i wish for a baby sister back then but then what the hell happened to my princess pure wishes! my mother give birth to a boy again!!! so much great. and to added fact that my girl childhood dream became into a rugged boy nightmare is that my father thought it will be another boy when i was still inside my mother's womb that he bought all baby boys stuff! and so when i was born and also because my father went through all the hard work thinking about the baby's stuff, my mother thought i should used those baby boy stuff until the day i protest that day i was a girl and not boy.
and what so worst , no girl wants to play with me well the point is not that Im boyish back then that dont want to play with it is that my brothers!!! that stupid Allistor! that annoying Dylan! that twerp head Seamus and th
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Happiness of a father (Sweden x Reader)
yes your baby was born and at last those days that Berwald's happiness begin dreaded was gone. and soon as you baby comes out you didnt think he might cry like a girl ... well he did so. and you were so happy to see him like that.  and also all of his family came to see your little baby boy. they were so happy for even for Matthias who smack him with a stick when he went to place.
oh well Berwald took good are of you son, unlike other babies who goes crying in the midlle of the night. your son is not its like he knows what time you are going to feed him. it was heaven for the two of you. you let Berwald take care of son since he willing to do so. you often see him smile without that scary aura around him. and he name him  (what ever name you want). you just watched them having a father and son moments. since being a baby wont be to long.
two years later, its a good thing even thought (s/n) got his looks from his dad, he still got his attitude from you. And that means t
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 56 10
Hate to Love (Scotland x reader)
and so ... this one of your most dreaded of your life, well just because your bestfriend's older brother came to bother the two of you, since you two are making some school project. Arthur your bestfriend, is trying his best to keep away his brother from you and your temper. Cause he knows how much you hate Allistor. Ever since that pink dress incident when you are toddlers. It will be another world war if you two meet and its going to be dreadful.
Your frown wont leave you alone cause Allistor shows up when he is suppose to be at his school but then cursed that school when it decided to cancel classes due some stuff. and so Allistor is making himself entertain by making fun of you or his little brother even though the two brothers are bickering each other you didnt bother since it was Allistor's
fault for making you two annoyed like hell.
Since that minute Arthur decided that you should make your project at your house to avoid his OLDER brother, and also to avoid some wrinkle related
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 65 30
Oh So Pretty! ... You what!? (France x Reader)

You were cleaning your attic when you came a across to you brother's stuff when he was a little rowdy boy. those was his pictures, when he was little and most of it was him and his little birdie that flies around his head and follows him anywhere he wants which envy because you want Gilbird. you were browsing at his picture and gave you a super hyper to the max sure entertainment.
And then you this picture of him and his friend Antonio and a pretty little girl ... she was so pretty! but she was not Elizabeta nor the other girl friends of your brothers. you fell in likeness to the pretty girl. You want to dress her up, cuddle her and play with he. And yes you want her to adopt as a sister and forced your brothers to marry her.
Because curiosity killed the cat you decided to ask Gilbert your brother who is the pretty little girl. you went to the kitchen but no sign of the albino guy but only your other brother who's name is Ludwig yeah like
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 59 33
Cause it's Tragic!! (Iceland x Reader)
It was lonely snowy day for (y/n), this is the first time of her life that she hated.
Her tears was folowing like there's no tomorrow coming for her. her heart was breaking,
her world was tearing apart, it was like there is no way to put it back together.
with best buddy of those problematic and sorrowful people hanging in her hand which
is beer gulp it down. Yes she was drinking ... and  I mean it a lot.
Well (y/n) was drinking cause she found out that her beloved Boyfriend for three years
was about to move to another country without telling you. you might think it was simple
but sometimes it really hurts but what hurts more is that you learned he is going to
that country just to marry a girl ... that you dont know who she was.
you were thinking over and over again that how could he do that to you, you never than
anything wrong to you how can he do it. Is that the reason why he didnt tell you anything, is that the reason why he kept silent all the time whenever you tell him about
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 45 33
Happiness of a soon to be Father (Sweden x Reader)
Berwald always been happy ever since you told him that you were pregnant.
So happy and he always protect you in any harm and would let you go out of his sight
and you would mind because you find it lovely and romantic. SInce it WAS Berwald who is know for his intimidating auras and that can scare Finland like hell has gone into the surface of the earth and he didnt even know didnt you mellow him down like that. Like anyone would said it was the power of love
Anyway lets get back to the story. Like every father to be has dreaded day when there wives has this blues when they are pregnant. they ate stuff in the middle of the night, ask for something that is impossible, ate things that a father to be thinks its not even edible but since they like it they have to gave it to their pregnant wives and Berwald is not exempted to that.
and its killing him now but he didnt want to upset you.
One night you ask him to catch a fresh roasted squid that is caught on the  seas nearby Heracles's ho
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 36 12
The lost colors *Male!Hungary X Reader*
I dont even care since when is the last time i have seen the colors of the world.
I have live the life of only seeing blacks and whites, and I dont care since no one cares.
With no one to rely but myself. I have lost everyone in my life ... that's what i have thought, I dont like this feeling, I feel like my body is floating, I feel like suck into another dimension or anything like it, I dont know why ... yes ... I know now .. I been hit by a car after i save a little kid.
I dont know who but someone is calling out my name ... no not only one calling out my name ... there's a lot of them but Im to tired  ... soo tired, I going to close my eyes now and i wish for a dream with colors yet happy even if only in my dreams. and so my dreams begins
>>>> here you go<<<<
I thought I fell asleep and yet why am I standing here near a child ... I dont understand my dreams sometimes. I see this child is very cheerfull and wearing her best dress .. I thinks its a holiday
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 19 11
He knows it for sure ... *spain x reader*
It's been long time since you've had a serious talk with Antonio. For what reason? You don't desire to hinder yourself with the memories. You can't even remember the last time you gave him a genuine smile, and not a sarcastic one; you just gave him all the fakes and hid your true feelings inside. 
Does he know?
Of course Antonio knows. He's often seen as an optimistic soul, who can't read the atmosphere, but he can definitely feel it.
He can also sense, when you smile so beautifully to others but not to him, that something is wrong. When he talks to you, you reply in a sarcastic, sour way. He knows that something is very wrong. He knows why you act in such a way. It was his own fault, he can admit to himself. Francis and Gilbert, his two best friends, know why as well.
It was something to do with the past you two shared.
You two were best friends since you-dont-know-when, but it was shattered into miniscule shards when this girl came in to your lives and ruined what you
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 17 13
Secret Garden ( Austria x reader )
its been a long since I heard somone playing a tune in that garden and now I cant even barely remember what's that tune.
a lonely tune but it warms my heart and even make me forget my problems and my loneliness ... it been a long time I guess
and also i but i clearly remember the one who plays it ... she used to be my neighbor for years but she move long time ago.
and even though we barely talk, her music made me remember her, and until now im still trying to remember that sad tune
that she used to play everyday in that garden.
even though I tried to play that tune its not the same, even though I was born musically talented, her tune was so unique.
No one can compared. How i wish i can here that music again, this loneliness in my heart is drowning me even if I tried to
pretend that im happy, my heart still aches. I dont know why but long for her.I laugh wheni remember my few memories of her,
mostly we fight over small things but those small things I will surely remember.
days have pass
:iconcalixxx:calixxx 11 0
just for fun by calixxx just for fun :iconcalixxx:calixxx 0 0 another one! by calixxx another one! :iconcalixxx:calixxx 1 0


I Can Tell 2 (Midorima Shintarou x Reader)
Kuroko no Basket
I Can Tell [Song Fic]
Midorima Shintaro x Reader
[Chapter 2: I'm Sorry...I love you..]

Can I make you feel
Like you've never been kissed?
Like a picture you paint
Will I ever be missed?
Would you stay if I told you my love wouldn't change?
If your hair turns grey?
If you gain a little weight?

The greenette rushed to pack and get his things and bolted out the door. It was a day where Shuutoku's basketball team didn't have practice so he was grateful. 
He pushed the doors of the school open and ran out. Midorima went through his contacts on his phone, looking if he still had your phone number. Fortunately, he did and hope you didn't change your phone number. He hesitated before calling you.
"Who is this?"
"(Last-name)...Meet me at the park in 1 hour."
"M-Midorima, is that you?"
"Oha-asa said cherry blossoms are cancer's lucky item"

And with that, he hung up.
What if I
:iconpiercing-screeches:Piercing-Screeches 85 21
Midorima X Reader: Doubts
"Bwuahahahaha!! (Name)-chan is jealous! This is priceless!" You tried your best not to lose composure listening to the laughter of the hawk-eyed man.
"Takao-kun,just answer my question please." Your (e/c) eyebrows automatically furrowed a bit.
"W-Wait..Let me enjoy this moment firs-pfft!" The jet-black headed guy covered his mouth and turned side-ways to avoid your glare.
"Takao-kun." You're dangerous tone silenced the boy.
"Fine,fine. The answer to your question is that...I don't really know,(Name)-chan!" Takao grinned at you,hoping wipe that scary look off your off.
"So...Shin-kun might actually like Momoi-san?" You asked after sighing a bit,wearing a sad expression. Yes,having attended the same middle school and being the member of the same /legendary/ club,you got curious whether the first crush of your life,Midorima Shintarou had any special relationship with Momoi Satsuki,or anyone else he knew.
"Hm.That could be it. He does praise her very much,saying how good she is in analyzin
:iconlamisa5611:Lamisa5611 116 20
Kuroko x Reader: Watching from the Sidelines 5

The bell sang its sweet melody as students rushed out of the classroom. You gathered your things and placed them carefully into your satchel, holding today's homework to your chest. Unlike normal days, you had to stay back in the school library so as to finish an essay. 
Cool air enveloped you as you pushed open the glass doors. The library was truly a reader's haven. Hundreds of books overwhelmed each shelf, performing the impossible feat of a balancing act. The volumes were all you saw everywhere you looked, from encyclopaedias to manga chapters, the room was an endless treasure chest. 
Setting yourself down at one of the tables, you readied your pen started writing. The noiselessness of the library was omniscient, only the clock's ticking accompanied the scratching of pen on paper. Just when you stood up to take a break, the doors were opened once more. Head snapping up, the familiar sights of a tall figure with blonde hair came into yo
:iconjadedeng:JadeDeng 117 26
The Marriage Life: MidorimaxReader (Morning After)
The Marriage Life
Chapter 4: Midorima Shintaro [ Morning After ]
Midorima flushed in a bright red when he caught sight of your naked body besides him. Your lower half was covered by plush cream colored comforters but your upper half was exposed. Your arms were wide open as you lay on your back, giving Midorima a clear view of your chest. Your smooth skin was bruised by countless kiss marks all over your neck and collar bone, even some between your bosoms. The green haired man flushed a deeper red and went to push up his glasses with his fingers. His fingers met with the bridge of his nose and he realized that his glasses were off. With his head swarmed with images of you last night, He hadn't notice that he couldn't see half the room, his sight wasn't always the greatest when it comes to seeing far away. It kind of reminded him of that time when you stole his glasses for the day and Midorima was forced to wear his most-of-the-time abandon contacts lens
:iconnekokoafanfiction:NekokoaFanfiction 262 36
Makoto x OneSided!Reader : I never thought...
    "Bye, Onii-chan. I'll be waiting for you at home. Make sure to come home before dinner okay?" Haru hummed in response before you turned your heel and walked away, Makoto trailing close behind you. The walk home was silent, Makoto would open up a conversation from time to time but you'll simply answer him bluntly, thus ending every openings he makes for a conversation.
    "You know...if you need someone to tell what's on your mind, I'm here for you." You have reached the door to your house when Makoto finally opted to speak, his olive eyes shimmering brightly. You smiled at him before nodding.
    "I'll see you tomorrow then, Makoto." The door slid open and you took one last glance at him before closing the door. As soon as the door closed with a soft click your knees bucked and you fell to the ground, slowly you brought your knees close to your chest.
    "If it was that easy I would've told you long ago...but then again...there's a reaso
:iconeternalalice24:EternalAlice24 290 73
Soft kisses Sakurai x Reader
Propping your elbows on the soft pillows, you swept your husband's bangs away from his eyes. Watching his chest rise and fall with each breath, your eyes glowed with love when he sneezed. Deciding to play with him, your fingers trailed down to his sides and started to tickle him.
Sakurai murmured something unintelligible, before turning to his other side. A few more attempts later, you decided that the teasing would have to stop. Finally free from your tickling attacks, Sakurai's frown faded. Watching him smile in his sleep, your heart was filled with warmth. 
It wasn't easy getting him to confess to you, and you had decided that enough was enough when he tripped over while trying to give you a love letter. Smashing your lips to his, you had claimed him as yours in front of the whole Too team. You giggled when you remembered how red he was, his sentences coming out jumbled.
Tracing his facial features, thoughts about the old days came back. Protecting your lunch box from Aomine wa
:iconcielwong:Cielwong 190 11
Let's play a one-on-one?(Kasamatsu Yukio X Reader)
You were home alone, watching (your favourite movie) and stuffing yourself with popcorn when you heard your mobile phone ring. 'Damn, I was just starting to get into the movie' you thought to yourself. „Who's there?“ You answered the phone without even looking who was calling.
„I-It's Yukio.“ said a well known shaky voice. Your heart skipped a beat. You adored the the captain of the Kaijo basketball team, you admired how devoted he was to his team, and above all, you just loved how he would get all nervous around girls, thinking it was really cute. „I-it's really a n-nice day outside, so my t-team will practice outside, at the b-basketball court neareby. J-just wanted to t-tel you that. G-gotta go n-now. S-se ya.“
You would watch them practice almost everyday, cheering them on, and always watched their games. But you did not cheer only for Kise, like every other girl there, you cheered for everyone. Taking a look at the clock, your eyes widend
:iconmonabura:monabura 137 10
Denmark x Reader: Please Remember Who I Used To Be
I'm lost, so lost...will I be able to see the sky again?
Oh please, one more day

Everyday was painful. You walked around with fake smiles and forced laughs. Couldn't there be one more day like there used to be? Spend the day with the crazy Danish man you fell in love with. The one who pulled you out of the hole of darkness. The one who gave you everything. The one who broke your heart.
After you walked in on your boyfriend sleeping with another girl. Your best friend to be exact. You were mortified. You ran out of the house after leaving a sloppy note stating that you two were through, while tears ran down your face. You went back to your parents house and your dad threatened to take a knife and shove it up your now ex boyfriend's ass.
Ever since the day you showed up at your parent's doorstep in tears you fell back into the pit of darkness. You locked yourself in your room and refused to leave, eat, and drink. You have been this way for abut a month and everyone was worried.
:iconeverybodydotheflop65:everybodydotheflop65 153 72
Merry X'mas with Rin-chan-san-ta by tsutsa Merry X'mas with Rin-chan-san-ta :icontsutsa:tsutsa 276 38
3. Addiction - Haruka Nanase x Reader
You have been friends with the Iwatobi Swim Club members for as long as you could remember. The one that you were closest to was Haruka Nanase, the strongest swimmer that is on the team. You were finishing your last freestyle lap in the pool with Haruka.
“good run Haruka” you said while you were out of breath.
“yea” he replied in his monotone voice.
You were both the last people to leave at the end of the meeting. You both quickly got out of the pool and got ready to leave.
“_____, your form was a little off today” he told you flatly.
“gee thanks Haruka. Sorry, a lot was just on my mind is all” he walked over to and pat your head.
“just try harder again next time, alright” you nodded.
~~~~~~~~~~~~THE NEXT DAY~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Your usual morning is a quick visit to Haruka in the morning when Makoto can’t make it. You finally made your way to his house and slowly entered after knocking. You were wo
:iconstarlight2097:Starlight2097 535 60
Netherland x Reader Forgotten
Netherland x Reader Forgotten Ch. 1
"You can't catch me," you laughed as you ran away from Tim. Tim was your Dutch boyfriend for 6 months. You hide in the closet as you heard Tim come closer. But then the steps stopped. You thought he gave up but you were wrong. The closet door was opened and a Dutch man said," found you, (name)." He picked you up and threw you over his shoulder.
"But don't want to," you whined as he carried you downstairs." Come on (name) just help me cover up the tulips for the snow," Tim said still carrying you. "Ok," you said in defeat. Then the phone rang. Tim put you down and let you get the phone.
"Hello," you answered.
"Hey,(name)," Bella said.
"Oh, hey Bella, what do you need," you responded.
"I was wondering if you and Tim would like to go a restaurant with Spain and I?" Bella asked.
"Sure, just let me ask Tim," you said. You put down the phone and went to ask Tim. "Hey Tim do want to go to dinner with your sister and her boyfriend," you asked him. You knew h
:iconliely-abella:Liely-Abella 52 8
Mein Awesome Diary! 12 by HachiJinkx Mein Awesome Diary! 12 :iconhachijinkx:HachiJinkx 131 34
Your Turn- ScotlandxReader
“Allistor, come on,” you groaned when Allistor would continually ignore you as he lay on the bed with his eyes closed and facing you, so you poked his cheek again in sleepy irritation. He grunted in irritation, so you decided to poke him again, “Get up and off your sexy ass already and go check up on our baby...”
Allistor snorted briefly in his pretend sleep before smirking, deciding to just encase you in his strong arms and buff chest to keep you from moving. He moved your hair away carefully before kissing your neck and ignoring your 'nagging'. You frowned at your husband and the sounds of your darling child calling for you and Allistor, sleepy parents, from the nursery room.
Sleepily, you said to Allistor again, “Please Allistor, it's your turn to check on the baby...”
Allistor lifted one of his eyelids to allow his narrow emerald green eyes to stare almost impassively at you, a smirk playing up on his face once more, “La
:iconixmay:Ixmay 407 50
Norway X Reader Everytime We Touch~

I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me~ 

I still feel your touch in my dreams~ 

You lay there on king sized bed you and your boyfriend shared. Though it was just you who layed there on the bed. Lukas was at another World Meeting, and he's been gone for a whole week! After about 48 hours when he left, you were pretty lonely. All you want is for the Norwegian to come home, so you can snuggle into his arms, kiss his soft lips, and hear the thump of his heart beat that sounded like music to your ears when you layed on his warm buff chest.
Forgive me my weakness,
But I don't know why,
without you its hard to survive~ 

You shift in your bed. Clutching Lukas's shirt that you were wearing, inhaling his famaliar scent. You just in his T-shirt and your panties and layed there alone. With no Lukas to hold you and pr
:iconxxpuffinxx:XxPUFFINxX 264 54
Learn German - Months and Seasons by TaNa-Jo Learn German - Months and Seasons :icontana-jo:TaNa-Jo 144 30
Nyo!HungaryxReaderxNyo!Belarus: Too Late...
Years ago…
You giggled as you pulled Nikolai by the arm, “Come on, Niko. Let’s play wedding!”
Nikolai, being the total bummer that he was tried to refuse.
“B-but Niko, don’t you wanna marry me?” you asked tears coming to your big (e/c) eyes.
Nikolai blushed, “N-no.”
You got in his face, “Then who do you wanna marry?”
Nikolai said the first name that came to mind, “Anya!” Imminently Nikolai wanted to take it back.
“Oh,” you said a little disheartened. You had a huge crush on Nikolai, but you’d never tell him that. “Alright then, I’ll go ask Daniel to play wedding.” With that you ran off to find Daniel.
Nikolai watched you go. Still frowning. ‘I wish I said __________’s name instead...’ he thought.
“You look beautiful, __________,” said Anya cooing over your dress. “Doesn’t she look nice Nikolai?”
Nikolai just stare
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 246 93



ahhhhh *sigh of annoyance and disappointment*

How I wish i didnt fix my net immediately when i dont have someone to talk too ...

and so i will just bury myself in boredom and watch random anime till I turn into
stone in boredom.


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yes i am
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